Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Thinking

The Incredible Capability of Self-Renewal

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through March and spring break is just around the corner!

My thought for today -- as we close out another week -- comes from a place deep within.  And it seems to “spring” forth about the same time each year when most all of the snow and ice has melted away and the air smells faintly of the mixture between the spring to come and the departing winter.  And the thought is this…

Inside each of us there appears to reside a tremendous and almost unbelievable capability.  This capability is what makes us human.  It is more than the ability and capacity to love; though love and loving are wondrous phenomena that seem to inure to both the human and animal worlds.  It is more than the ability to communicate with written and spoken language; though undeniably this combination is a uniquely human trait. It is also more than our ability to think and ideate; though it is clearly connected to this particular amazing gift.

I think that the most unbelievable and incredibly powerful capability we each possess as a human being is our infinite ability to renew ourselves -- our feelings; our perspectives; our viewpoints; our moods; our motivations; our intentions; virtually everything and anything about ourselves – through the mere act of choosing to think it so.  Of course our actions must follow, and hopefully are congruent.  But the choice of thought precedes.

So as spring begins to unfurl itself around you, take time to remember that we each have the capability and capacity to choose to be, think and feel exactly as we want to be, think and feel.

  • How will you choose?
  • How might you help someone else choose?
It would be uplifting and invigorating to hear what others are also thinking about at this time year.  If you would like to share your own thoughts, which would add to a positive organizational vibe, share it forward here on the edtec blog!

Wishing all renewed energy and optimism,


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