Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Suddenly Summer: How the best time of the school year is now upon us!

It seems like only days ago that we were bundling ourselves up in winter coats, hats and scarves - at least in the very seasonable state of Michigan.  But at the time, it also seemed like we would never get to the sun and warmth of our state's fabulous summer time period.  Now already into July, and only a few short weeks after the high points and exhilaration of graduation and promotion celebrations, the edtec Team is already preparing for engaging and enlightening summer school "journeys" across all of our school sites

This summer will be one of high intensity learning explorations for all students and creative collaborations between teachers, staff and specialized service providers made possible in part through our 21st Century Community Learning Centers federal grant. For what lies ahead, I asked Cathy Nowosatko, our Project Director for the MetroConnect-YMAC project, to fill us in on some of the exciting things in store for students. Here is what she shared...