Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Honorable Mention: Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Detroit Metro area Educational Service Provider
edtec central, LLC receives Honorable Mention from
 ICIC and FORTUNE’s Inner City 100 winners

Annual ranking showcases the 100 fastest-growing urban businesses in America.

Detroit, MI – The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and FORTUNE announced that edtec central received an Honorable Mention for the 2014 Inner City 100, a list of the fastest-growing inner city businesses in the U.S. This year, for the first time in the list’s 16-year history, the Inner City 100 consists of 10 fast-growing businesses from 10 industry categories. The 10 industry categories are: Construction; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Food and Beverage; Retail; Media and Communications; Software and Information Technology; Transportation and Logistics; Healthcare and Biotechnology; and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation. Applicants ranked according to revenue growth against their industry peers, as well as overall. 
edtec central ranked 11th in the Professional services industry category. The Inner City 100 program recognizes successful inner city businesses and their CEOs as role models for entrepreneurship, innovative business practices and job creation in America’s urban communities. Dr. Anna Amato, President and CEO of edtec central and graduate of the Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University was thrilled at the recognition for edtec central. "It is such an honor to be recognized for the hard work and all the efforts of edtec central employees. It is inspiring to know that we are reaching youth in the inner city of Detroit and making a positive impact in the lives of students," said Dr. Amato.  The full list of winners can be viewed at

“It’s important to recognize businesses like edtec central that are truly driving economic growth and job creation and America’s urban cores,” said Matt Camp, President, ICIC. “We believe that inner cities hold unique competitive advantages for business and the success of these firms underscores that market opportunity.”

Highlights of the 2014 Inner City 100 include:

  • Employ 8,276 workers (approximately 35% are inner city residents).
  • Created 5,119 new jobs in the last five years.
  • 25% have woman CEOs. Nationally, only 10% of companies with over $1 million in annual revenues are woman-owned.
  • 35% have a minority CEO. Nationally, only 21% of all companies are headed by minorities.  
  • Average company age is 17 years.
  • 39% average compound annual growth rate.
Companies generated $42.2 million in 2013 revenues on average and $4.2 billion in the aggregate.

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)

ICIC is a national nonprofit founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter. ICIC's mission is to promote economic prosperity in America's inner cities through private sector investment that leads to jobs, income and wealth creation for local residents. Through its research on inner city economies, ICIC provides businesses, governments and investors with the most comprehensive and actionable information in the field about urban market opportunities. The organization supports urban businesses through the Inner City 100, Inner City Capital Connections and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programs. Learn more at or @icicorg


Smiles, support and celebration!

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 the ACE Academy – Woodward Place held its Dedication Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting Celebration.  The newest project for edtec central, LLC and the ACE Academy Board of Directors, the new center in Highland Park, Michigan will service former students of ACE Academy, along with other community youth, enabling them to continue on the path towards graduation and earning a high school diploma after they complete the Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services (SJJS) program.  Distinguished guests from Central Michigan University, SJJS, Spectrum Human Services, the Highland Park Fire Department, members of team edtec and community and business leaders from Highland Park joined to celebrate the opening of the new school and show their support for its future success.

Dr. Anna Amato, ACE Academy founder and president and CEO of edtec central, kicked off the ceremony by thanking everyone for their role in helping to bring the vision of the Center into reality. Sharing her sentiments, she said “Through countless and humble acts by so many, without needing to name anyone in particular, this Center will provide a much-needed nurturing place where youth can come to aspire, create and explore their innate desire to learn, grow and transition into adulthood.”

But the highlight of the evening was by far guest speaker and ACE Academy class of 2013 graduate, Curtis C.  His inspiring message to all those in attendance mirrored the purpose statement of ACE Academy – Woodward Place; to Aspire, Create, and Explore.  Curtis shared with us that he is working part time and plans to attend Henry Ford Community College this winter. 

As the rain poured outside of the newly renovated Woodward Place, so did the words of inspiration for our present and future students of ACE Academy – Woodward Place

The mission statement of ACE Academy, in partnership with youth serving agencies, is to re-engage youth in the active pursuit of self-improvement, interpersonal growth and educational development, within a climate where students, staff and stakeholders feel safe, secure and valued as individuals.  The Academy will encourage all students to excel to their highest potential, while providing them the support and tools needed to explore the infinite possibilities that learning and life has to offer. ACE Academy is authorized by Central Michigan University.

edtec central, LLC is relentlessly and enthusiastically focused on its core purpose: to create and sustain high quality, innovative and engaging educational opportunities for students. With its five core values at the center of all activities, edtec pursues its purpose through ethical, respectful and caring actions driven by cooperation and service to others.

For more information on ACE Academy – Woodward Place please call (313) 281-3500 or visit  For more information about edtec central, please call (248) 582-8100 or visit